Ellevill Silk
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Ellevill Silk


The Ellevill woven wrap is a beautiful Norwegian designed wrap that is woven in India. We offer the Ellevill Zara Silk wrap in both the He and She variety and it is a very supportive wrap for both babies & toddlers, with no presure points for adult or child despite being a lovely thin wrap. It is cut with tapered ends & leaves a very small knot & softens very quickly from new.

If an Ellevill sling you are after is not in stock, please contact us as we can order them in for you.

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Product Description

The jacquard woven pattern on the Ellevill wraps is inspired by old Norwegian knitting designs and clothes/rugs from South America. Ellevill wraps are designed by Ellevill and produced in India under strict international ISO requirements.

PLEASE NOTE- All wraps are now machine woven, not hand woven. But that does not mean that they will be perfect and flawless, only fewer and less flaws. The wraps are not woven by auto looms. Ellevill believes in the old traditions of weaving. The small machine looms that are used in the production of Ellevill wraps are still run by the hand of humans and can therefore not be perfect. This is art and uniqueness, not flaws as many people think.

Any minor imperfections that may exist, WILL NOT affect the safety, comfort or durability of the Ellevill wrap in any way!

TheseĀ ZarasĀ are beautiful and delicate wraps in a silk/cotton mix, 50 % silk and 50 % cotton. This wrap is thicker than the last Jade Caelum. The wrap portion is 100 % cotton and weft portion is 100 % pure silk. It is thin, soft and durable. Because of this, it is also very airy and flexible.

The silk wrap from Ellevill have the same characteristic pattern as Ellevill Zara. They are one-colored and have therefore little contrast in the pattern. The rails are hemmed.

A perfect wrap for those who want extra luxury.

The Zara Silk 70cms wide

if the colour or size is not available, please contact us on Sales @ Naturallyhappyslings.co.uk as we maybe able to order in the desired Ellevill woven wrap specially for you.

Naturally Happy Slings is the UK distributor for the Ellevill wrap within the UK, if you wish to sell this wraps on your site or in store please contact us for reseller pricing.

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