Why wear your baby

Why wear your baby?

Dad and Baby

There are many advantages to wearing your baby & these include……

    • Carried babies cry less & are less prone to colic & evening fussiness
    • Can help promote successful breastfeeding
    • Promotes bonding, physical contact & understanding that in turn can help prevent or lessen PND
    • Can help greatly with getting baby to sleep
    • Allows the wearer the use of both hands while baby is happy & content …..whether that’s to look after other children, attend household chores, get out & about or just relax with a cup of tea!
    • Can be great for shopping as no worries about pushchairs being too big for small aisles, using escalators or stairs…..even using public toilets!
    • Worn babies have an added social advantage as they can see facial expressions, hear different speech patterns & experience various body languages. They also tend to get more notice as they are generally at eye level to others so are spoken to, rather than ignored in a pram.
    • Great for reflux babies that need to be upright (Believe me…….this is how we got into slings as our first son had severe reflux & HAD to be upright nearly 24 hours a day…..slings were our saviour!!!!!)

Please don’t worry about the old wives tail that you will spoil your baby or ‘create a rod for your own back’ by carrying them & responding to their needs. Babies have an instinctual need to be carried & kept close to mum, as lets face it, back in the days of cavemen their lives depended on it. Your child will not want to be carried forever….in fact before you know it they will become mobile & you will struggle to keep them still as they want to explore the big wide world. A child that learns its own independence, rather than being pushed in a direction they are not ready for will generally be a more relaxed & happy child.

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