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Woven wraps are much more supportive for the heavier child due to the special weave of the fabric, so can be used straight from birth, but also on to heavy toddlerhood. They can be a great choice for the family who only want to buy one sling to last them all the way through as they are so versatile with many different carrying styles. They can require a bit more care when first learning how to wrap (as pressure points can be a problem if the fabric is not smoothed out), but once mastered they are considered by many to be the best type of carrier available as they are just so versatile & comfortable. Plus they come in many, many beautiful colours & patterns to suit every style.
We stock a wide variety of woven wraps including Didymos organic cotton wraps (considered to be the 'Rolls Royce' of wraps by some!), hand woven & fair traded Girasols in 2 sizes, gorgeous, thin, but very supportive Ellevill wraps & we are pleased to introduce the stunning Swiss Dolcino wraps to the UK as well.


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